UV Light Resistance and Glass Paint

Top 10 Painting contractors - Home Contractor Blogs - As it turns out, a lot of things are negatively impacted by UV radiation. Packaging experts spend a lot of time trying to create protection against UV radiation because it can damage products, even while they sit on the shelf in the store. ..More

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Glass may be used to fight bacteria

21 Best Painting technicians - Service Tech Forum Pages - In addition to wound dressings, bioactive glasses could be used as coatings for medical implants. Patients who receive medical implants – including replacement joints and mechanical bone repairs – could benefit from the technology, since coated implants would be less likely to introduce bacteria into the body when they are installed. The bioactive glass could have additional applications for medical treatments. ..More

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Iconic Glass Structures – National Library of Belarus

Directory Of Painting companies - Repair Tech Blog Pages - This space houses the library’s collections, and also provides storage space for other materials. Its current collection exceeds 9 million items, including rare manuscripts, newspapers and magazines, documents, music, videos, CDs, maps, theses and digital resources. The library is made from a concrete base, which supports the rhombicuboctahedron. ..More

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Could glass paint replace stained glass?

Top 10 certified Painting contractors - DIY Message Board - As it turns out, they may not need to look far. Artisans stopped using heavy metal additives to achieve color in glass and turned instead to glass paint techniques. At its artistic high point in the Middle Ages, stained glass production underwent a significant transformation. In the mid-1800’s, European and American glassmakers revived medieval stained glass production techniques, and those are the glass formulations that are under fire today. That’s left artisans looking for a substitute for glass colorants. . For about 500 years, most “stained” glass was actually painted glass ..More

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Glass experiments may reveal Martian secrets

Locate Nearby Painting companies - Homeowner Blog Pages - The condition of Martian glass may enable scientists to find other clues about what might have happened during the planet’s history to render it unable to support life. It’s not currently possible to know whether the conditions were present during the planet’s formation or they occurred somewhere in the chain of events linked to the planet’s demise. ..More

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